[Tech] Bl4ut0 aTech posted Sep 28, 14
So with the closing of SkyPixelmon i thought that maybe we could have a little bit of fun when it comes to closing the servers so there will be a few changes. 


Build Permissions Will be allowed no limitations on what you can do DESTROY EVERYTHING if you want.

Not only will you have build permissions but all players will have access to /fly so that they can farm as much as they need to and destroy as much as they want to destroy..


Once the Day of Destruction is Complete i will be Posting the Map download links for anybody who wants to keep the server in "Memory" 

We are Greatly Saddened by the closing of SkyPixelmon and Hope to see you on our Next Servers 
Simp1ySam Still wating for the map... When it will be release ?
Rilex911 ummm...WILL THERE BE MOUNTS?!?!?!??!?!
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