Hello, everyone!

Unfortunately I come to you today with a little sad news. As hard as Bl4ut0, L0goz, Blink101, The Head Staff, Myself, and the rest of the SkyPixelmon Staff have tried to keep things on SkyPixelmon running smoothly, we have indeed run into several issues that have kept the servers from reaching their absolute full potential. Because of this, we are no longer able to meet the demands required to keep SkyPixelmon continuing forward.

Sky/Adam works very hard and keeps himself quite busy these days, which often times keeps him unavailable to help promote the servers in a way that keeps the players coming back to support it. Without your support, we cannot meet the financial demands required for SkyPixelmon to keep its servers online, despite the many ideas we've tried to change things up and keep it an interesting and fun place to continue to come back to. Understandably, since the servers have Sky's name on them and he is unable to dedicate as much time as he would like to the servers in order to keep all of YOU happy (He always wants to keep his amazing fans happy!), he has asked us to shut the servers down.

Please know that we appreciate all that you've done to keep us going this long! Each donation, each minute spent online, and each one of you has kept the fun alive for over 6 months and we certainly appreciate you all for it! We're sad to see SkyPixelmon go and if there was any way we could keep the servers up, we certainly would!

Now to the details...

When will the servers officially close?
We are keeping the servers up and running for another 6 weeks. We do not yet have a definite date as to when the servers will close, but the message of the day at the top of this page will be updated periodically to let you know when that day will be. Until then, we are giving the approximate date of 6 weeks time, which means we should be up and running until about Mid-October.

What about Donations? Can I still donate?

The donation store will remain open until the day we close. You can still donate, but please remember that a donation is a donation and cannot be refunded. Your donation will help us stay open for the next month instead of needing to close even sooner. We accept any and all donations and thank you in advance for wanting to donate to our servers!

Please remember!! We ARE closing the servers, regardless of the number of donations we receive to help us stay open, as unfortunate as it is. By donating, you are confirming that you understand the servers are closing and we cannot compensate you for lost items once the servers close down. Any donations made are of your own free will with the knowledge provided to you in this message. Thank you for understanding.

I donated before I knew the servers were closing. Do I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. As our terms of service has always said, by donating, you are agreeing to our terms of service which state a donation cannot be refunded to you. Though we do apologize for the timing if you've donated more recently, we are giving at least 6 weeks notice, 40 days at the least, that we are closing. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Since the servers are closing, can we destroy them for fun?
The very last day we are open, the head staff and I will be online to DESTROY THE SERVERS! >:D Please join us as we say goodbye to our wonderful servers and go out with a literal BANG. :] We may even turn on PvP and survival before the destruction happens, allowing all of YOU to destroy the buildings you love (and hate) the most. An announcement will be made on the main site the week prior to the last day and ON the last day to let you know when this will be happening so you can be a part of it all!

Where do we go now that SkyPixelmon is closing?
Well I am pleased to say there is another option for all of you Pixelmon fans out there! L0goz, Bl4ut0, and myself run another Pixelmon server for a youtuber who is good friends with Sky! We're sure Sky would be thrilled to have his fans mingle with HuskyMUDKIPZ! With that said, we welcome you to HuskyPixelmon where we will soon be updating the maps completely to feature 18 towns and gyms! Once that update occurs, Husky will be returning for a brand new YouTube series, once again filling Husky's servers. We hope to see you @ huskypixelmon.com!
luca hello i am new here kan jou tel how to i kan play minecraft
E_U_G_E_N_I_U_S Well. I'm going to miss my shiny mewtwo, mewtwo, mew, and rayquaza.
sonicchao1234 just so everyone knows, im 16. and right now, im practically bawling like a 3 year old. $100 into this server, but that' ...