Thread Name: Username Helper Application

What is your Minecraft Username? :Alewi

Are you a SkyPixelmon Donator? (You must be a Donator in order to be considered)

How old are you? (Must be 16 or older, please do not lie about your age): I am 14 but I think I am mature enough to be A helper. I dont understand why you would have to be 16 or older I think it should be on the level of maturity which I have.

What time zone do you live in?: I live on the east coast (New Hampsire)

How long have you been with SKY Pixelmon?: I have been on the server when it first became public.

Have you ever been muted OR banned on SKY Pixelmon?:I have never been muted or banned from any of the servers and I do not intend to be.

Do you have any staff experience on any other servers?: I have been in charge of building/Runing smaller servers and know they are down I want to help Sky's servers.

Do you have Skype?: I do have a skype @ AlexPhelps

How long will you be able to play on the server each day? (Be honest): I can be on the server about 3-6 hours a day and 3-9 on the weekends.

Short Answer Questions: Please put time and thought into these questions, do not rush and provide as much details if possible.

There is a problem between two players, one is accusing the other of stealing items while the other one denies it. How do you handle this situation?: I would ask what was the problem. Then listen to both of there storys and I will give the person I think is true what ever they where fighting about.

Why do you think we should choose you as staff instead of anyone else? How can you not only help the server but the community as well? Have you had any past experiences as being staff? Have you already helped the server in anyway?:I think I should be staff mostly because I have high level of maturity, also I like to help people it is just my nature to help. :sick:

What would be your choice of action on when a player is spamming the chats?: I would first give 1-2 warnings after that and the person did not stop I would kick them from the server. If he comes back I would ask for a mute or temp-ban, I would do the same if someone was advertising another server.